EXPLORE! – Informational Videos – Digital Download


Welcome to Piano by PC! This free digital download comes with six informational videos that show what our company is all about – teaching children to read music and play the piano.

After you have  purchased this product (for free), log in to your new account, scroll down to the bottom and click on “My Account.” Your downloads will be listed there for you. Download the files to your computer or smart phone and EXPLORE the world of Piano by PC!

VIDEO #1 “Fully Automated” – Here you will see a tablet giving commands to a student who is engaged in an interactive piano lesson.

VIDEO #2 “Our Mission” – You will see examples of a student engaged in a piano lesson. You learn about our mission to help children read music and play the piano. The short bursts of powerful visual instruction are clearly designed to engage the young visual learner. Be sure to take note of the various set ups of equipment for delivery of the lessons.

VIDEO #3 “Engaging Instruction” – You will see how the instruction of PIANO BY PC guides the learner step by step through their practice and performance. See how the powerful visuals pull the young learner into our world of “Animated Music Theory.” At the end –  learn how the nature of the lessons can engage children of many backgrounds and challenges.

VIDEO #4 “Join and Purchase” – This tutorial video teaches you how easy it is to create a FREE account and make a simple purchase of  the FREE product – Chapter 1. Learn how to proceed through the online checkout system of Paypal Pro. Finally – see how logging into your account opens any streaming products you have purchased.

VIDEO #5 “Meter Samples” – See the powerful learning games used to teach MUSIC THEORY to the visual young learner. Watch how a student quiz is given – and how feedback is provided to the student.

VIDEO #6 – “Jesus Loves Me” – Here you will see a FREE product of the song “Jesus Loves Me.” Students can play “Jesus Loves Me” when they are approximately halfway through Chapter 3 of PIANO BY PC.



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