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2) What is Piano by PC?
Piano by PC is a series of beginner piano instruction videos designed for young learners. A child can learn to read music and play the piano with these lessons. Animated Music Theory products have also been created specifically for Piano Teachers and their students. The first Piano Teacher product is called “Theory Set #1.” It is the goal of Piano by PC to be the most engaging and most affordable video piano lesson series available!
14) How long will it take my child to complete Chapter 2 for 6-8 year olds?

If you follow the daily schedule it will take three months. Several homeschool students have chosen to stretch the material over the course of a “homeschool year” (8 to 9 months).

13) If I purchase a DVD, can I also get the same streamed chapter at a discount?

Yes you can! After you purchase a full chapter on DVD, email us that you also want the streamed version and we will give you a steep discount on the streamed instruction.

12) If I need help selecting the best product for my child, what should I do?

Email to get customized recommendations from the creator of Piano by PC!

11) Why should I choose Piano by PC for our first piano experience?

The instruction of Piano by PC is highly engaging and unique. The learning games in the lessons have been praised by competitors and colleagues in the field of teaching piano. Piano by PC allows you to learn at home on your own schedule – before investing more money in private lessons. You can use Piano by PC to see if your child makes a connection with the piano. Read our TESTIMONIALS to see what others have said about Piano by PC.

10) What happens after our child completes the available chapters of Piano by PC?

If your child has made a connection with music and the piano, you should consider seeking out a private teacher. We can help you by providing performance pieces that demonstrate the skills you have acquired with us. Piano by PC also has recommendations of other websites that do “live” private lessons via the internet. We would be happy to refer you to them!

9) What is “Animated Music Theory?”

“Music Theory” refers to the musical knowledge that all piano students have to learn in order to read and perform the music they learn. At Piano by PC – the teaching is animated and comes alive in the form of visual games and interactive learning sequences. “Animated Music Theory” is what makes Piano by PC unique!

8) Why do younger students need supervision?

When a 6 year old (for example) is learning a lesson, the lesson may say “Don’t forget to use your left hand.” If the student uses their right hand, they need to be re-directed to the correct hand. The supervisor can rewind the video if needed. When the child is practicing for 30 seconds, they may need longer to practice. The supervisor can pause the timer and give them more time to practice. Don’t worry, the lessons do ALL of the teaching for you.

7) Are there workbooks available to go with the lessons?

There are workbooks for the lessons of ages 6-8. No workbooks are needed for ages 9-12, however free PDFs of the music are available (and can be printed out by you with no copyright fees).

6) What ages require supervision?

The lessons for ages 6-8 require light supervision of the young learner, but Piano by PC does ALL of the teaching for you. Lessons for ages 9-12 do not require any supervision.

5) What ages are recommended?

The fully automated and narrated piano lessons are separated into two age categories: ages 6-8, and ages 9-12. Theory sets have been created for ages 6-12.

4) What types of products are available?

Piano by PC has created DVD’s, Digital Downloads, and Streaming products.

3) Who have these products been created for?

Piano by PC creates products for young learners that want to learn at home, and piano teachers. A large number of adults have purchased our product for themselves! When asked if they want the 30 minutes a day or 10 minutes a day – the majority of them want to practice 10 minutes a day!

1) How can I learn more about Piano by PC?

Click on the EXPLORE tab and watch the videos there. Most are short and full of helpful information.



15) Do the digital downloads work for PC and MAC computers?

Yes! The video lessons use the mp4 format which is accepted by PC and MAC. We tested to make sure!

16) Can the digital downloads work on an IPAD and ANDROID tablet?

There are ways to transfer the video lessons to IPAD and ANDROID tablets.

IPAD: Pull the videos into ITUNES and transfer them to the IPAD.

ANDROID: 1) directly download the video lesson on the tablet (sometimes can be tricky), 2) transfer the videos by using a micro SD card (we tested this – email us if you need help).

17) What is the best kept secret of Piano by PC?

The answer is “Piano by Pug!” The pug’s name is Gary.

Piano by Pug 5 - Episode 1

Episode #1 can be found at the end of Chapter 2. A reward for your child’s hard work!


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