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If you would like to receive a phone call for assistance, email – leave your phone number and a good time for us to call you.

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Thank you for your interest in PIANO BY PC. Our beginner piano lessons are ready for your young learner! You are welcome to contact us by email at any time. You may need assistance with:

Choosing a Product – We will ask you how old your young learner is and whether they would like to practice for 10 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day. If the learner is six years old – they need Chapter 2 for 6-8 Year olds which is 10 minutes a day. If the learner is ten years old – they may need the 30 minutes a day version. A student that is eight years old can go either way (10 or 30 minutes). We will also ask if you prefer DVD or the Digital Version.

Purchasing a Keyboard – We do have recommendations on specific keyboards from the available vendors. If possible – it is good to get one with semi-weighted keys. it is recommended that you talk with us if you have not purchased your keyboard yet.

Setting up Equipment – One of our “Explore” videos shows some special set up options for the young learner. We are happy to discuss your options by email or phone. Please email us to set up a time to call if needed.

The Checkout Process – There is an “Explore” video that demonstrates how to make a purchase with Paypal Pro. We accept credit card and Paypal. If you are having trouble with these methods of payment – we can discuss mailing a check to Piano by PC.

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