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TESTIMONIAL #1     “I am delighted with the Piano by PC DVD set that we purchased for my 6-year old twin boys. I am both a homeschool mom and a piano player, and had been giving my sons piano lessons for several months when I discovered Piano by PC. With two sons to teach and a new baby in our home, individual piano lessons were consuming too much of my time and I was struggling to teach them consistently. I was therefore looking for a piano teaching system that would enable one son to learn piano somewhat independently while I personally instructed the other in another subject. I was also looking for a system that would help to reinforce as well as build upon what I had already taught them. Piano by PC delivered on all these fronts. Chris has done a fantastic job of crafting a systematic and entertaining teaching methodology that truly works. Through thoughtful presentation and appropriate repetition, each week yields proficiency and understanding that is measurable. Over the course of just a few months, my sons’ understanding of piano theory, technique and piece presentation has increased, along with my sons’ overall enjoyment of the piano. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for either a stand alone system or a complement to other forms of piano instruction.”

K.C. – Georgia Homeschool Mom

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TESTIMONIAL #2      “We began using Piano by PC this year with our sons who are in first and third grades, ages 6 & 8 respectively. Initially we used the internet for Chapter 1 as a way to gauge whether this was a fit for us. It was! We then purchased Chapter 2 on DVD which worked even better for us. Our sons are eager for their piano lessons and closely monitor whose turn is first! Although I have had a considerable amount of experience in music including piano lessons as a child, I am thankful to be a supervisor while someone more knowledgeable than me teaches the material. I have seen that my sons respond well to a male instructor in other areas of homeschooling, and this is no exception. I think they take it more seriously because in a subtle way they are being shown that school isn’t just for girls. I also appreciate that this is something we can do in-house, making the lesson time flexible with our homeschool day. Mr. Gibson’s method of introducing concepts and songs is very effective. The boys are often playing “finger numbers” on any available surface – be it the dinner table, an armrest, or their leg during church. (And yes, at times I think “really?”) But by the time they “say goodbye” to the piece they are learning, they have mastered it – thanks in part to all that extra practice. Additionally, I have found Mr. Gibson to be ready to help in any way he can, which is a great support. One way he helped was by providing copies of the music in the lessons, which I then printed for the boys to use during the lessons. I even printed a second copy for Grandma’s house, where they spend a few hours weekly and enjoy showing her their progress. Our older son likes extra time to practice songs from previous lessons and both boys have memorized many of the songs. After I had printed out the one set of songs, I placed them on the keyboard and our younger son came over and found one entitled “Big Truck.” He announced that he wanted to play that one (simply by virtue of the title, I think), asked me to add the finger numbers and began playing it – over and over and over and over again. He had that one mastered before it was introduced – and was rather pleased about that! We are nearing the end of Chapter 2 and as a result of our experience thus far will continue with Chapter 3 of Piano by PC.

M.K. – Pennsylvania Homeschool Mom

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TESTIMONIAL #3        “I would like to praise this musical wonder. My child has never taken any lessons with the piano. He began this system by himself at the age of 9. The DVD’s are so explicit, he could learn and practice by himself. He was so excited that he was learning to play the piano. He advanced at a fast pace, retaining lessons learned and spending extra time, on his own, playing what he had learned at each lesson. This system has surpassed my expectations!!! I would also like to add that Dr. Nina Kraus, PhD, Hugh Knowles Professor in Communication Sciences at Northwestern University states these key reasons why being involved in music studies can help your child academically. 1) Music studies can help your child’s ability to concentrate in school. Music training can “fine tune” the brain’s audio visual system. It can improve one’s ability to pay attention. Dr. Nina Kraus, PhD, says “We know that musicians have certain perceptual advantages over non-musicians, such as better auditory attention, memory, and listening skills.” 2) Music studies can improve your child’s reading and writing abilities. Kraus also says that “musicians can process speech better than non-musicians. A musician’s training allows them better listening and better verbal skills. A musician’s brain can process more information in the presence of distractions. Reading and writing becomes easier for them.”  3) Playing music at a young age builds good study habits for later in life. A National Educational Longitudinal Study showed that high school music students have been shown to hold higher grade point averages than non-musicians in the same school. Music requires daily practice, dedication, and commitment, all skills which become helpful as he or she gets older and there are more distractions from school work.  4) Playing music will improve your child’s quality of life. In closing, if you want to give your child every opportunity to succeed, music can be a key to their success!

M. Foster – Georgia Educator and Mom

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