Our company creates PIANO LESSONS FOR KIDS that help  a child to  read music and play the piano. Our MUSIC THEORY lessons are narrated and animated. These  BEGINNER PIANO LESSONS  guide your child step by step through the learning process. It does all of the teaching for you!

Our MISSION is to help children read music and play the piano. We recommend our product for ages 5-12 but anyone can learn Piano by PC. Try a  FREE  PIANO LESSON in Chapter 1 today!

If your child has a Piano Teacher already – we have created Music Theory products that can support them in their learning.

Why choose PIANO BY PC for your beginner piano lessons?

The lessons are designed to increase ENGAGEMENT in the young learner with visual learning games and quizzes. Our animated music theory games have gained positive acclaim from Piano Teachers. We offer a free Chapter 1 that allows you to try the instruction on your young learner. Our prices are extremely helpful to families in today’s economy. Our Chapter 2 lessons for 6, 7 and 8 year olds contain three months of lessons that are approximately ten minutes a day – a total of 70 lessons! The instruction is available in multiple formats including DVD, Digital Download and Streaming.

Visit our EXPLORE page to see the power of ANIMATED MUSIC THEORY and lessons that are FULLY AUTOMATED and NARRATED. Visit our testimonial page to see what others have said about their experience with the instruction of PIANO BY PC!

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