Chapter 2 – Digital Version for 6-8 Year Olds



Experience the  beauty of the Digital Version! This product contains  all 70 lessons  of Chapter 2 –  THREE MONTHS of material – averaging about ten minutes a day in length. It also comes with a free digital copy of Chapter 1.

The Digital Version is sent to you on a flash drive that contains the lessons. By purchasing this item – you agree to use it only for the household it is purchased for. The lessons of Piano by PC are protected by copyright law.

The lesson videos are compatible with both PC and MAC. Files can be transferred to android tablets and ipads! This Digital Version has been a very popular choice with our customers as it is easy to use with computers and tablets. The lessons are arranged by weeks and days to help the young learner and parent  manage and keep track of their learning schedule.

Some homeschool families choose to stretch the three months of lessons over a “homeschool year” (about 8 months). Many children have made a strong connection with the instruction of Piano by PC. When they finish Chapter 2 – they have learned to play  27 songs using right hand, left hand and both hands!

Please visit our TESTIMONIALS page to see what others have said about their experience with PIANO BY PC. You can also visit the EXPLORE page to watch videos that show samples of lesson content. Our instruction is designed to engage the young visual learner.




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