Why Choose Piano by PC?

Welcome to the world of Piano by PC! Two years ago we launched a website dedicated to bringing affordable beginner piano instruction to young children mainly between the ages of 6 and 12.

We produced a free Chapter 1 to allow children and parents to see how our instruction works and to see if the family makes a connection with Piano by PC. Then came DVD’s of Chapter 2 and our most popular “Digital Version” of Chapter 2 which is compatible with both PC and MAC Computers.

So why choose Piano by PC? Our instruction is a unique system built by a 20 year veteran music teacher who teaches the material in public schools at the elementary level. The learning games are designed to be fun and highly engaging. One important goal was to “wow” parents with the amount of material in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 contains 72 lessons that are approximately 10 minutes each. That’s three months of lessons that are usually on sale for around $50.00 (less than $1.00 per lesson). Most homeschool families stretch Chapter 2 over 8 months (a homeschool year), it is a lot of material! The lessons are repeatable and available to all the children in the home that purchased it.

Piano by PC is not a subscription – so you are not paying a monthly fee. You are also not committed to purchasing Chapter 3. You can read our testimonials and try Chapter 1 to see if you are ready to get started with Piano by PC!


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