DVD Theory Set #1 for Piano Teachers


Piano Teachers can purchase this DVD set as their master key and guide to THEORY SET #1 from Piano by PC!

Buying this DVD set gives a piano teacher 1) two DVD’s filled with 29 mini lessons, quizzes and games that strengthen your student’s enjoyment and understanding of beginner music theory, 2) free access  for you, the teacher, to the streamed lessons of Chapter 10 that allow you to view the 29 mini lessons on computer, tablet and smartphone, and 3) access to PDF’s that can be printed as workbook pages that accompany the lessons and quizzes. You do have permission to play the DVD (and streamed lessons) in your studio for one student at a time. For students to view lessons outside your studio – they will need to have their own account (streamed, DVD or both).

Your piano students can purchase Chapter 10 – Theory Set #1 for $15.00 for streamed access to the 29 mini-lessons, or they can purchase the “Student Version” DVD for  $18.00 which also gets them FREE streaming access.  You can assign homework  to your students in a system that we have created for you. This system is explained in specialized tutorials on your DVD set.

Help strengthen your student’s ability to read music and their enjoyment of learning to play the piano with Theory Set #1!






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