Chapter 1: Digital Download


Welcome to Piano by PC! This free digital download of Chapter 1 comes with 6 Pre-Lessons averaging about 15 minutes each. The lessons begin with easy basics, but challenge can be found in Pre-Lessons 4 and 6.

After you have  purchased this product (for free), log in to your new account, scroll down to the bottom and click on “My Account.” Your downloads will be listed there for you. Download the files to your computer or smart phone and begin learning Chapter 1 from Piano by PC!

Pre-Lesson 1:  this lesson covers moving up and down on the keyboard, organization of the black keys, posture and hand position. The student also learns two exercises on the black keys – first with right hand, then with left hand. Total Time = 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

Pre-Lesson 2:  introduces the Staff, Clefs and Notes. The student will play games with counting Treble and Bass Clefs. There are also games with Line Notes and Space Notes. Total Time = 8 minutes and 54 seconds.

Pre-Lesson 3:  the student will learn to identify the Quarter Note and Half Note. The beat values are learned, as well as how to clap rhythms with these two notes. The student also learns a new exercise on the black keys. Total Time = 15 minutes and 50 seconds.

Pre-Lesson 4:  this lesson increases in difficulty as the concepts of Meter are introduced. The student learns Meter, Bar lines, Measures, the Double Bar and Time Signature. The whole note is introduced. The lesson includes Meter games and a thorough quiz over all concepts learned. Total Time = 17 minutes and 48 seconds.

Pre-Lesson 5:  is a total Theory Review over all concepts from Pre-Lessons 1 through 4. After the review, the student plays counting games with the Quarter Note, Half Note and Whole Note. The lesson ends with the challenging  Battle of the Notes!   Total Time = 11 minutes and 35 seconds.

Pre-Lesson 6:  this most important lesson is all about reading music! The student learns to identify the notes C, D and E on the Treble Staff. They also learn to find the same three notes on the keyboard. Learning games are used to prepare the student for the first songs taught in Chapter 2 of Piano by PC! Total Time = 18 minutes and 7 seconds.



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